Wix Website Builder Review

The Wix site builder is used by more than 100 million people worldwide. This number indicates the platform demand in its niche. Its first version became available in 2006. Is that really good so far? Let’s explore. We introduce a detailed review of Wix — one of the best site constructors/builders.

The target audience

Wix is the best to create various kinds of business card sites: portfolio, business site, promo page or landing. They have a complex design and functionality. They are also very good for blogs and online stores.

Wix is ideal for creating small and medium-sized sites with complex design and functionality. If necessary, this constructor can be simple and superficial: took a ready-made template, replace the demo content, correct the colors, and the website is ready. With the same success, you can create complex pages with a bunch of details: animations, effects, forms, interactive elements, pop-up authorization windows, polls, tabs, columns and other.

Wix can be used both to create the first site or training site and as a commercial tool. This is a good first constructor and a great tool to help an experienced designer. The system is built in a way to make it easy to expand the design capabilities. Wix is available for an average PC user.

Wix will definitely interest:

  • small and medium businesses;
  • artists, designers, make-up artists, musicians, stylists;
  • writers, journalists, bloggers, fashion designers;
  • everyone whose activities relate to creativity and self-realization.

The service interface is able to inspire, help to implement tricky technical and/or design things. You can master Wix in two days, and in a review mode in only 20 minutes. This is candidate number 1 to get acquainted with WYSIWYG-services.

Design and work with templates

Wix provides high-quality built-in templates. They are divided into many categories. You can easily spend half an hour just reviewing them.

All the templates are grouped not only by subject but also by the website type. There are also categories for landing pages, blogs, and online stores.

Moreover, Wix templates are highly customizable. There are both standard things like changing the background, and really interesting features. For example, you can add your own fonts, customize effects, borders, indents, even animation! Working with the website structure is not limited by any framework. You can add empty sections, widgets, separate buttons, shapes, animations, text, photos, sliders — whatever. A very interesting feature is the local Cinemographs — a cross between GIF and video. The easiest way to compare them is with live wallpaper on mobile devices. You can put it as a background, and Wix has a whole cinemographs library. To develop your logo, you can use the Wix logo Maker — the smart logo constructor. It is a paid option, but it’s very convenient to use.

Any website element can be configured with a huge number of parameters. In this respect, the service creates a sense of freedom, similar to that experienced by coders when editing a site. Through the common menus and sliders, they provide a huge number of capabilities. You can get them only by editing the code. But you do not need to know anything like that.

By the way, if you want to change the selected stock template structure, then you need to use the “Strip” widget. Add it, and place any widgets with content over it — forms, images, text, tabs, video player or something else. You can even choose an empty template and start from scratch to design its structure and content. In addition, in Wix, there is a solid set of vector graphics including hundreds of free images on various topics. You can add them to the site, and give the right size, proportions, color, and transparency.

All the templates are free. However, you should remember: having chosen the template, you will be able to change it.


It is really advanced, and in the beginning, you will have to spend some time to master it.

You will be able to control every aspect of your website

It looks impressive. You can upload any video from the PC or select one from the extensive library. You can configure playback speed and effects. Apply the parallax effect to the background, which will give it a depth, some three-dimensionality. You can also customize the layers by moving one element below the others. You can turn on transparency, adjust the dimensions, rotate and so on.

Widescreen stripes to composite the webpage sections. They separate the blocks, elegantly emphasizing the transitions from one section to another. You can change the background (photo, video, color), height and so on.

It contains 3 categories of tools: communication, social network, and online store. You can find many interesting things here: online payment systems, consultants, galleries, forms, players, social networking widgets and so on.

More than 300 apps. You can, for example, place a Wix storefront Wix on Facebook, publish customer reviews about your company or publish 360 degrees images, which is convenient for hoteliers, realtors, and many others. There are applications for different events and businesses.

If you are going to create a long single-page site, this function will be very useful. You can add the floating menu along the page.

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is a site creation system based on information provided by the user. Instead of searching and selecting a template, setting general site parameters and design changes, you simply need to answer several questions: the business niche, name, needed features, the geographic location.

Having entered the data, Wix will scan the database and produce the result in about a minute. The algorithm automatically builds the website design and structure. As a result, the user gets a site with a ready-made design of good quality and even partially filled with content, if the business is present on social networks or on other resources.

The user can create the functionality individually according to his needs. At the same time, to use it, you do not need to know to code. This is an interface that allows you to build the behavior logic and a set of components using the prebuilt elements.

The feature is really useful if you want to work in a team. Just attach the required emails. Co-authors cannot view billing data and make significant changes to the site. This is conceived for security reasons.

You can publish password-protected pages that only certain categories of users can see or those who receive a link from them. Wix allows you to easily manage contacts from the client database, copy the site, billing, view the history of changes made to the site and much more. The possibilities of the sea. Surely, among them, you can find the perfect set for the implementation of their tasks.

You can connect the SSL certificate to the site for free (site protection via HTTPS protocol).

Mobile iOS and Android application to chat with the website clients. You just need to activate the Wix Chat application in the control panel. Also, you are able to add photos, goods or post materials to the blog.

Images optimization to display in the mobile version of the site. You need to go to the mobile template editor, select the desired picture and crop it.

You can put 360 degrees background images using the 360 Images application.

Grid to see the area that will be displayed in the mobile version of the site.

Wix Hotels is a free application that provides a complete mechanism for setting up hotel reservations for hotel owners.

Wix Restaurants is a free application that allows you to create an online menu and take orders for food delivery.

In the editor, you can use layers, hide individual elements and restore them as necessary.

You can create website copies within the account or transfer the site to another account.

Wix SEO Wiz and promotion

Wix has a separate application in the control panel that will help correctly configure SEO parameters, prepare the site for effective interaction with the Google search algorithms. It includes all important features for that.

The result of page ranking depends, rather, on the quality and number of operations performed for search engine optimization than on the engine itself. The advantage of Wix is that the SEO tool is conveniently configured.

To start SEO promotion of your website, Wix SEO Wiz will ask the following:

  • the name of your brand;
  • the type of business — a physical location (you will need to specify an address) or only online;
  • five keywords or phrases to determine the direction of your activity on the Web.

Next, the SEO-master will show you a checklist of what else needs to be done for effective search engine optimization. Each position of the recommendations is described in detail.

You can also force the site to be queued for indexing by Google. Connecting a domain, a favicon, an SSL protocol, and the ability to create 301 redirects can also be considered part of the optimization. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel can be connected to the website control panel.

The two most important things when working with Wix SEO Wiz:

  1. Choose the keywords responsively. For that, use the specialized services.
  2. Perform all items of the wizard checklist. As you add materials to the site, you can periodically update the checklist.

With Wix, sites are well indexed, and the SEO-master will help beginners not to forget anything.


You are able to use Wix for free if you are satisfied with the website address like site.wixsite.com/sitename. Most of the features will be available. You can connect your domain and get better functionality after subscription. Choose among the following Wix tariff plans:

  1. Connect Domain ($4.95 per month) — allows you to connect your domain, get premium technical support and gives 500 MB of disk space, but does not delete Wix ads;
  2. Combo ($9.35 per month) — 3 GB of space, free domain, ad removal, favicon;
  3. Unlimited ($13.75 per month) — increase in disk space to 10 GB, the form designer, the Site Booster application;
  4. Ecommerce ($18.15 per month) — 20 GB of space, the ability to connect the cart. The tariff for creating a store.
  5. VIP ($26.95 per month) — all the advantages of Ecommerce plan, plus 10 E-mail mailings per months, as well as site audit by Wix experts (design, usability, SEO).

Note that more expensive tariff plans include all the advantages of the cheaper ones plus add something new. The first tariff may be interesting for those wishing to create a business card or landing page on their domain. A small and simple site with a moderate amount of media content. Combo is suitable for the same purposes, but already on a large scale — you can make a portfolio with a lot of photos, start a blog or create an organization website.

Select Unlimited when you plan to download a lot of content and expect a dense flow of traffic in the future. This includes blogs with the forum, corporate sites, and other similar complex projects. Ecommerce is for those who want to trade. It provides the ability to sell the digital goods.

Pros and cons




Wix is the best and most promising website builder among those with a visual editor. From the technical and design point of view. Its developers have set and solved several difficult tasks:

  • Made the interface, which is convenient to work, despite a variety of functions.
  • They went far beyond the WYSIWYG editor limitations when added the Wix Code.
  • Implemented artificial intelligence with Wix ADI, which soon will build the sites that almost do not require edits.
  • Made the application store an integral part of the interface and functionality that you want to use.

The constructor is suitable for anyone who needs a website-card of any subject, portfolio, landing or promo page, blog or store for selling digital goods, some crafting, piece things, brand clothes, wristwatches and so on. We recommend this platform for renting houses business, restaurants, cafes, concert venues (booking tickets) and all those business owners who work with the clients on a schedule like hairdressers, make-up artists, dentists, coaching, yoga, dancing, tutors, etc.

Wix is a multipurpose machine for creating a variety of sites. Due to high-quality applications and a flexible editor, its functionality is very wide.

Wix is great as the starting site builder. Even if you have not yet decided to create a site, we recommend to learn it closer.

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