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Digital Strategy


Centralised Franchise Website

Local Search Optimisation

Delivery & Sales Automation

Rose and Co is a well established florist franchise with multiple locations across Sydney and New South Wales.

The client’s business goals were to increase sales and reach more customers online through a revamped e-commerce website, digital strategy and local search optimisation/SEO. There would be a single website for all store locations. 

HHP Design was commissioned with designing an e-commerce website highlighting Rose and Co’s products and ensuring the website was easily found by Sydney siders searching for a florist. All deliveries and orders were automated from the single website for all five Rose and Co store locations.

This case study outlines HHP Design’s process. 

Strategy & Process

The main goals of the website were:

  • Reach customers searching on Google
  • Achieve more sales through Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Automate orders and deliveries for all locations on the same website
  • Maintain franchise brand positioning for increased brand equity

Rose and Co is a strong and well established brand, in order to maintain their brand positioning across all franchise locations a single website was developed for all locations to use, rather than an individual website for each location.

This increased brand equity and saved on development costs of multiple websites.

For conversion rate optimisation, (ie achieve more sales) the website design was kept clean and monochromatic using only black and white, this allowed the products images to pop on screen and draw the users eye.

Local search optimisation was achieved by imbedding highly searched keywords in the product descriptions and image tags as well including SEO on the backend.

As Rose and Co deliver fresh flowers, they are hand delivered by Rose and Co’s in-house delivery team. Deliveries and sales were completely automated. Based on the customers address, the appropriate store was notified of the sale and delivery route.  


In the first month of launch the website saw a 42% increase in impressions, with over 15,000 new users seeing the website.

Sales and Deliveries were streamlined and automated.

Brand Positioning was consistent for all franchise locations by using a single centralised website.

Project delivered, start to finish, in 4 weeks.

At time of launch in 2019, Rose and Co had 5 locations, and has since opened up 3 more locations across New South Wales.

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