Tutorial: Session Duration 101

This Tutorial has four sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Checking/Analysing your Session Duration
  3. Reasons for a Low Session Duration
  4. Where to from here


This tutorial quickly teaches you the basics of Session Duration. Session Duration is the time spent on your Website by Users. But why is Session Duration important? Well, if you have a very small session duration or closer to 0 seconds it basically means your Users are not interested in your content.

You could be getting hundreds or thousands of Hits because you have good SEO but your session duration can be extremely low. What would be the point in attracting users to your website only to see them bounce out in little time.

If you have a low Session Duration (small amount of seconds) you have to investigate why this is occuring and improve your content. Sometimes a High Bounce Rate will mean a Lower Session Duration. The Bounce Rate is the percentage of Users that visited a landing page and left your website straight after that.

Checking/Analysing your Session Duration

If you have website analytics software you can use it to check your session duration. Google Analytics is free and you can check your Average Session Duration per week.

You may have noticed that the Session Duration is increasing or decreasing in a certain month. Then you can relate this to changes that you have made that month or in the previous month. You could potentially do a graph of the Weekly Average Session Durations for 6 months or for the whole year.

You can also set an Average Session Duration Target and try and meet it. Be careful with big Web Development changes to your website. This could affect both your Hits and Session Duration.

It is better to make small amendments/improvements to your website. You could even do web development experiments but they must also should be small amendments. Try and avoid regular Website overhauls of the complete design or functionality. If you must do an overhaul, you could do it in stages.

Reasons for a Low Session Duration

  • Poor Graphic Design
  • Inconsistent colour scheme
  • Text Size to small
  • Landing pages don’t have enough text to capture the audiences interest.
  • Header Image is too big, users don’t see any text early on.
  • Contact Us Page not accessible from Landing Page.
  • Your Meta Title and Meta Description is misleading (page content doesn’t relate to Title/Description).
  • Embedded Video is played automatically annoying users.
  • Sound plays automatically and annoys users.
  • and more…

Where to from here – Contact Us

Here at Hhp/design we can improve your Session Duration by making your site more useable and attractive to users. Some of our strategies include:

  • Audit to see why certain landing pages have a small session duration (High Bounce Rate).
  • Improve the Internal Linking of the site.
  • Create Interesting Widgets for Users to use.
  • Update the Graphic Design of your Site.
  • Place your Contact Us Form in more pages and in better positions.
  • Write better/more interesting Content (we can do your content writing).
  • Create a Blog for your website.
  • Use of Embedded Video.
  • and more…

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