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SEO Solutions to Increase your Organic Web Traffic

Customers are searching for what you’re selling, is your website showing up on Google?

Get ahead of competitors with industry specific keywords applied to your website’s SEO.

What do I get and how does it work?

Onsite and Offsite SEO with a Comprehensive SEO Performance Report to track your SEO improvements month after month.

Step 1

Keywords Identified
HHP Design identifies the clients specific SEO goal’s, target audience and keywords.

Step 2

Analytics are installed to monitor and collect data on the website’s traffic for the duration of the SEO service.

Step 3

Website SEO & Performance Audit
Identifying any specific problems with the website that could negatively impact SEO and taking action to improve and optimise the website itself.

Step 4

Onsite SEO
Improve, update and optimise all Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions.

Step 5

Offsite SEO
Building 200 backlinks (every month) assigned to your keywords and aligned with your SEO strategy.

Step 6

SEO Performance Report
Monthly SEO report to keep track of SEO performance.

6 month and 12 month SEO plans starting from $600 per month.

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