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Energy Solutions Centre provides renewable energy products and services for the public to generate their own electricity.

Energy Solution Centre had the goal to dominate SEO rankings for Renewable Energy (and associated search terms) in Brisbane and increase organic web traffic through search engines.

This case study will walk you through how HHP Design helped Energy Solutions centre achieve their SEO goal and what goes into the ongoing SEO process.

Strategy & Process

Firstly let us establish that SEO is a marathon not a sprint, results are achieved through a gradual process which compounds month after month.

HHP Design offer SEO Plans in 6 month increments. In the first month, Step 1 through 6 is implemented, and every month there after Step 5 and 6 reoccur to gradually improve your organic SEO ranking.

Step 1
HHP Design identifies the clients specific SEO goal’s, target audience and keywords.

Step 2
Analytics are installed to monitor and collect data on the website’s traffic for the duration of the SEO service.

Step 3
Website SEO & Performance Audit
Identifying any specific problems with the website that could negatively impact SEO and taking action to improve and optimise the website itself.

Step 4
Improve, update and optimise all Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions. (See appendix)

Step 5
Building 200 backlinks (every month) assigned to your keywords and aligned with your SEO strategy.

Step 6
Monthly SEO report to keep track of SEO performance


In the first quarter of SEO these were the results:

  • 50% Increase in organic Google traffic
    From 103 monthly visitors without SEO to 151 monthly organic visitors with SEO.
  • 60% increase in impressions
    25,000 impressions without SEO to 42,000 impressions with SEO.
  • 40% increase in visitors to the home page
  • Close to 1000% increase in impressions for search term “Solar Gold Coast”
    From 591 to 4,873 impressions
  • Domain Authority Score Increased from 11 to 18 in the 1 month.
Increase in organic Google traffic
Increase in impressions
increase in visitors to the home page
Domain Authority Score Increased from 11 to 18


Website’s Traffic – The amount of users visiting your website.

Organic Web Traffic – The amount of visits to your website from users on search engines i.e. not from paid online advertising.

Keywords – The words users type into Google to perform a search.

Meta Titles and Descriptions – Also known as title tag, is the written text describing a webpage, that is displayed to users on Google when a search is performed.

Impressions – This is the number of times your website is displayed to users on Google.

Domain Authority Score – A Google ranking score which predicts how likely your website is to rank in searches.

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