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Tanja Mitton is the CEO and Head Coach at the Equestrian Success Mindset Training Centre and had the goal of growing her business with a digital strategy and an e-commerce website.

Tanja is a world renowned Equestrian Coach and is in high demand by both, beginner and professional Equestrians. Like most service based businesses, there are only so many hours a professional can allocate to clients one on one, creative solutions need be implemented in order to expand. As technology landscape and market shifts, businesses need to adapt and Tanja was at the forefront of this. 

Tanja wanted to share her knowledge with as many people as she could and used a multitude of strategies to achieve exactly that. 

This case study outlines how HHP Design, implemented a digital strategy and developed an e-commerce website to grow Tanja’s business. 

Strategy & Process

Tanja established the Equestrian Success Mindset Training Centre in 2008, and clients were able to have face to face coaching as well as purchase Books and DVDs. Tanja also developed an online course where her clients could access her coaching services and learn at their own pace from anywhere in the world.  

HHP Design was tasked with developing a user centric, e-commerce website where users could purchase products and register for (and be granted exclusive access to) the online course integrated within the website.

The User Interface design was kept simplistic, user friendly and adapted across mobile, tablet and PC.

The website has a user friendly calendar for clients to manage Bookings, Cancellations and Rescheduling.

Online course registration, payments and booking are completely autonomous.


HHP delivered a custom built e-commerce website and online store, optimised for sales and digital marketing. 

In the first month of the website being launched these were the results.

Average conversion rate increase
Returning customer rate increase

HHP has done an amazing job, helping me finish off my Shopify website. I would highly recommend HHP design.

– Tanja Mitton

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