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The Farms of the Future Program, spearheaded by the NSW Department of Primary Industries, represents a significant stride in advancing agricultural technology in New South Wales. Funded by the NSW Government, the program aims to modernise farming practices through enhanced connectivity and advanced sensor equipment. This initiative is part of a broader commitment to boost productivity and sustainable agricultural resource management in the region. A central component of this program was providing grants to eligible farm businesses, supporting their purchase of cutting-edge Agtech equipment and solutions.

In this transformative landscape, HHP Design played a crucial role by developing a comprehensive farming equipment catalogue. This catalogue was integral to the program, featuring a diverse range of products from multiple partners, designed to streamline the grant process for farmers. It served as a vital tool in connecting eligible recipients with the latest in Agtech, facilitating their transition to more tech-enabled, efficient agricultural practices.

Strategy & Process

The strategic approach behind the Farms of the Future Program was multifaceted, focusing on digital innovation to transform agricultural practices in NSW. HHP Design’s primary task was the development of a comprehensive farming equipment catalogue, a crucial tool in the implementation of this government-funded initiative.

Catalogue Development

We embarked on a detailed process of aggregating a diverse array of products from 50 partners, amounting to around 2000 items. This involved meticulous data management and organisation to ensure each product was accurately represented and easily accessible. The catalogue was designed with user-friendly navigation in mind, allowing farmers to easily browse and select the Agtech equipment that best suited their needs.

Streamlining the Grant Process

A key goal was to simplify the grant application process for farmers. By integrating an intuitive interface and clear, concise product information, we ensured that the process of applying for and receiving grants was straightforward and efficient. This not only saved time for the applicants but also enhanced the overall effectiveness of the program.

Collaboration for Accuracy and Efficiency

Throughout this process, collaboration with the NSW Government and technology partners was essential. Regular consultations ensured that the catalogue met the specific requirements of the grant program and aligned with the broader objectives of advancing Agtech in NSW.

Through this strategic and collaborative approach, HHP Design successfully developed a digital solution that was integral to the program’s success, facilitating the efficient allocation of funds and supporting the adoption of advanced agricultural technologies across NSW.


The Farms of the Future Program, backed by HHP Design’s digital expertise, has significantly advanced Agtech in NSW. Our creation of a comprehensive equipment catalogue was key to the program’s success, facilitating $9.7 million in funding to 375 recipients. This achievement highlights the impactful role of digital solutions in enhancing agricultural practices. As HHP Design continues to innovate, we are committed to driving similar transformative projects, showcasing the power of technology in evolving traditional industries.

2,000 products in catalogue
Processed over 1,000 applications / orders

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