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Moneytree Capital is a Sydney based finance solutions business that matches their clients with the right lenders and loan products within their network.

Moneytree Capital specialises in finance for motor vehicles, motorcycles, education, trucks, machinery, construction, marine, medical equipment or tax obligations.

Moneytree Capital commissioned HHP Design to launch their digital presence and website.

The website needed to generate leads autonomously and was to be an integral part of Moneytree’s digital marketing strategy.

Strategy & Process


HHP Design was given complete creative freedom. The look, feel and creative direction of the website was based on the Moneytree Capital logo.

Fonts, colours and imagery were selected to be sector appropriate and to align with Moneytree’s goals. Essentially, HHP Design created a brand guide based on the logo provided and applied it through out the website’s design.

The User Interface and icons throughout the website were custom developed and unique to the Moneytree Capital brand.


Body Text

Conversion Rate Optimisation & Lead Generation

Converting someone who lands on your website into a customer or a lead is a conversion.

The percentage of website users that convert is known as your “Conversion Rate”

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of designing a strategic User Experience to achieve the desired call to action and conversions. (In this case, the Call to Action is a contact form)

HHP Design recommends a 6 Step process for Conversion Rate Optimisation of any landing page.

  1. Upon landing on the website, the user should instantly know they’re in the right place. The first thing a user should clearly see, is the solution your business offers in order to solve their problem.
  2. Why is your solution better than all alternatives/competitors?
  3. Gain the users trust by providing logical reasoning and validation as to why you are experts in your field.
  4. Explain the process and what will happened following the call to action.
  5. Social Proof. Provide examples of satisfied clients like them, who solved their problem by taking action.
  6. The Call to Action

Landing Page & Sales Funnel

A landing page is an essential digital asset and integral part of a sales funnel. Your landing page is what sells your business to your target audience and is often the make or break in your customer’s buying decision.

Your website is often your first impression, in today’s world your website is your shop front.

Gone are the days of “Build it and they will come.”

Digital Marketing is essential to get your website in-front of your target audience.

Once a landing page is developed and optimised to convert (CRO), it needs users to land on it.

This is achieved by implementing a mix of marketing channels that drive targeted traffic to your landing page. Some of these are PPC (Pay Per Click advertising), Social Media Ads and EDM (Email Database Marketing) to name a few.

HHP Design also assisted Moneytree Capital to implement an EDM campaign to drive traffic to their landing page, and the campaign paid for itself within the first 15 minutes of being launched.


Successful launch of Moneytree Capital’s digital presence and brand.

Lead Generating Website with CRO

Digital Marketing Asset and Sales Funnel

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