Case Study

Medical Professional Marketing

Strategy & Process

Client below is a Sydney service based business in the medical sector. Their primary marketing was through referrals from other medical professionals. The client’s goal was to generate more local leads and wanted to explore digital marketing.

Following a deep dive of the client’s objectives, a strategy was devised to implement a digital sales funnel.

Phase 1 – Build a Website optimised to generate leads and client acquisition.
Phase 2 – Drive targeted traffic through the best marketing channels.

Google ads was identified as the most profitable channel in terms of ROI and local reach.


Services Commissioned​

Marketing Strategy
Web Development
UX Design
Google Ads Website Integration
Google Search Ads
Display Ads
Google My Business
Ad Creation
Ad Performance Optimisation
A/B Testing
Campaign Performance Reporting and Analytics

Following Phase 1 (Website w/CRO), HHP kicked off Phase 2 with an overall marketing budget of $2500 per month.

Three Google ad campaigns were implemented:

  1. Local Search – Google My Business prioritised and shown to people searching for a service near them.
  2. Keyword Search – Any keyword searched by a targeted demographic with in a geographic area.
  3. Retargeting – Branded Display Banner repeatedly shown to targeted demographic, once user visited website.

A/B Testing was done on a weekly basis to achieve the best combination of keywords, graphic elements and ad copy.

CPC was lowered through keywords and bid strategy to 55c per click.

$830/month PPC budget for all 3 campaigns paid to Google.


HHP developed a digital marketing strategy using 3 Google Ad Campaigns including, local search, Keyword Search and Retargetting.

In the first month these were the results.

1500 new visitors to the website.

Brand awareness increased with the ads being shown 199,000 times.

At least 30 Calls were made to the business as a direct result of the campaign, though it is likely additional calls were made at a later time once users exited the ads.

30 calls
to the business per month
1500 visitors
to the website per month
Ads shown 199,000 times to targeted audience

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