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Cuckoo Electronics, a South Korean home appliance giant, known for their innovative rice cookers, embarked on a strategic expansion into the Australian market. Facing the challenge of adapting to Australia’s unique consumer preferences and a competitive digital landscape, Cuckoo aimed to not only introduce their quality products but also to resonate with a new audience culturally and commercially. This expansion called for a nuanced approach to digital marketing and online retail strategy, tailored to the Australian context.

Partnering with HHP Design, a Sydney-based web and marketing agency, Cuckoo Electronics leveraged our expertise in digital strategy and international market entries. At HHP Design, we focused on localising Cuckoo’s digital presence, crafting a customer-centric online experience, and implementing targeted marketing strategies to align with the preferences of Australian consumers. This case study illustrates our collaborative journey with Cuckoo Electronics, highlighting our role in successfully establishing their presence in Australia and setting a benchmark for other international companies looking to expand into new markets.

Strategy & Process

Shopify Implementation

At HHP Design, our implementation of Shopify for Cuckoo Electronics was meticulously tailored to their brand and the Australian market. The process began with customising the Shopify theme to mirror Cuckoo’s brand aesthetics, ensuring a consistent and engaging online presence. We focused on optimising the user experience, making the site intuitive and easy to navigate, and localising it for Australian consumers with appropriate language, currency, and payment options. The product catalogue was carefully  organised with detailed descriptions and quality images, ensuring ease of browsing and scalability for future expansion. A significant emphasis was also placed on making the site mobile-responsive and optimised for search engines, enhancing visibility and user engagement.

Beyond the storefront, we integrated essential marketing tools into the Shopify platform to bolster Cuckoo’s online marketing strategies. This included email marketing for EDM campaigns, social media integration, and analytics tools for tracking customer behaviour and sales data. After the site launch, we provided comprehensive training to Cuckoo’s team for effective platform management and offered ongoing support and maintenance. This holistic approach ensured not just the establishment of an online store but the creation of a complete digital ecosystem aligned with Cuckoo’s business objectives in the Australian market.

Amazon & Google Campaigns

For the Amazon strategy at HHP Design, our approach for Cuckoo Electronics was comprehensive and multifaceted. We started by creating compelling product listings that were tailored to resonate with the Australian market, focusing on localised content and optimised SEO to ensure high visibility. Each listing was crafted with detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and key selling points that highlighted Cuckoo’s brand strengths. We also implemented Amazon-specific marketing tactics such as Sponsored Products and Brand Ads to boost product visibility and drive sales. Our team closely monitored these campaigns, adjusting strategies based on performance metrics and customer feedback to continuously improve results and return on investment.

Similarly, for Google Ads, our focus was on developing targeted campaigns that effectively reached and engaged Australian consumers. We conducted thorough market research to understand the preferences and behaviours of the target audience, which informed our keyword selection and ad copy creation. The campaigns were designed to cover a range of Google’s advertising platforms, including Search, Display, and Shopping Ads, ensuring a comprehensive online presence. We utilised smart bidding strategies and continuous optimisation based on real-time analytics to maximise campaign efficiency and ROI. Regular reporting and analysis allowed us to refine our approach, ensuring that Cuckoo’s products consistently reached the right audience with the right message, driving both brand awareness and sales growth in the Australian market.


The collaboration between Cuckoo Electronics and HHP Design yielded significant accomplishments, notably the successful launch of a user-friendly, brand-aligned Shopify website, which established a robust online presence for Cuckoo in the Australian market. Furthermore, the meticulously crafted Google and Amazon advertising campaigns have been exceptionally successful, consistently delivering a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) exceeding 10. This remarkable achievement not only demonstrates the campaigns’ effectiveness in engaging and converting the target audience but also highlights HHP Design’s expertise in implementing strategic, result-oriented digital marketing solutions that drive substantial sales and profitability.

2.1% Shopify Conversion Rate
1,000% ROAS
1,000% ROAS from Google & Amazon Campaigns

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