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Our Clients

We work with some of Australia’s leading small to medium businesses and corporates to build a better business through user-friendly web design.

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HHP/design has built hundreds of websites for Australian business owners garnering over 300, 5 Star reviews.

HHP offers a variety of services, each effective on their own but even more powerful when implemented together. Align your website, branding, marketing copy and digital strategy to drive big results.   

HHP/design’s team consists of Digital Strategists, SEO specialists, Digital Marketers, Web Designers, Marketing Copywriters and Graphic Designers.  

Our team is Sydney based and all under the same roof. Our communication is streamlined and efficient. 

We provide the one on one customer support of a “mom and pop” but have the expertise of a corporate powerhouse. 

Services to grow your business


Are you doing enough to fuel your business? From better user experience (UX), intuitive design, conversation rate optimisation and email automation to chatbots, we can help you access the leading edge tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Digital marketing

We will work with you to put together a marketing strategy and growth plan backed up by tools and resources to put the right foot on the market. We can help you with SEO, Adwords, Social Ads & more.

UX Design

User experience is the foundation of a website project. EB Pearls bring over 15 years of experience to outline a solid foundation for a successful website application. The journey to get high quality leads with consistency starts here.

UI Design

Your brand represents your business and your website design will keep your audience engaged. Better engagement will enhance your brand value and creates trust which in turn has a major impact on sales.

WordPress development

Above 30% of the internet is on WordPress. And EB pearls have contributed to over 2800 high-quality WordPress websites. We are the leaders in WordPress design and development in Australia.

Shopify development

Shopify is the most growing eCommerce platform in 2020 and it is our platform of choice for online shops. We are certified Shopify experts and we are proud to say we are one of the most skillful Shopify team in the world.

HHP/design Work

We work with some of Australia’s leading small to medium businesses and corporates to build a better business through user-friendly web design.

Website design

We build business websites to generate leads and online stores to streamline e-commerce. Website features are virtually limitless- if you can think it we can build it. Digital REA websites are mobile friendly and compatible on all devices. 

Digital Marketing

We implement digital marketing strategies unique to your business, using a combination of tactics to achieve the most profitable results while gaining insightful customer data. Results and ROI are our priority. We allocate a portion of your budget to each seperate tactic in our strategy and based on performance data, adjust budget to channels fetching the most results, getting you the highest ROI. 

Branding and Logo Design

Branding services, to keep the visual elements of your brand aligned across all platforms. Logo, fonts and colours for your website, business cards, email signature, letter heads, social media accounts, flyers, vehicle branding and more.

Content Creation

Marketing and SEO content creators giving your website direct marketing copywriting enticing visitors to a call to action, while including highly searched keywords to optimise your site’s Google visibility.

Our Work

We work with some of Australia’s leading small to medium businesses and corporates to build a better business through user-friendly web design.

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