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Nautilus Psychology is a clinical psychology practice based in Sydney.

Nautilus Psychology reached out to HHP Design in 2021 to develop a website and digital strategy in order to reach clients in their local area.

HHP Design was initially commissioned with only building a website, but the project evolved into creating a brand.

In this case study, we’ll walk you through the process HHP Design took.

Strategy & Process

We engaged as web design project but soon expanded to a whole branding project.
We designed logo, business card, letterhead, and email signature.

Nautilus Psychology had a previously developed a website but felt it was not up to the standard of their brand positioning and wanted to create a new design and digital strategy from scratch.

As Nautilus Psychology provides clinical psychology and therapy services, it was important to effectively communicate the Nautilus Psychology approach while also maintaining a point of difference and brand positioning strategy.

The name “Nautilus” both has soft phonetics and is typographically aesthetic in print.
A Nautilus is a sea dwelling animal with spiral shell. A spiral has something called the golden ratio- a mathematical equation for beauty and symmetry and can be found throughout nature.

HHP Design wanted to communicate tranquility and carry the ocean feel of Nautilus throughout the rest of the visual branding.

Keeping natural and ocean feel (based on the name – Nautilus)

For the colours we opted for soft, muted blue and turquoise tones as this has a peaceful and ocean element and suited the Nautilus Psychology brand well.

For the logo we opted for an abstract shell (inspired by the nautilus animal) and incorporated an androgynous human face.

The font selection was simple, clean and not too bold to keep with the soft, tranquil undertones of the rest of the brand.

The main theme of the design was making the site clean and easy to use while effectively delivering messages – the site is quite text heavy.

The website design needed to be user centric, aesthetic and communicate the information the users needed in an easy to navigate layout.

HHP Design collaborated with a content writer to develop the website copy, brand voice and information based website page layout.

The visual branding was incorporated into the website UX/UI design and was also carried through to all Nautilus Psychology communication channels to maintain brand consistency.
Business Card, Email Signature, Client Invoices to name a few.


HHP Design delivered a user centric website, digital strategy and the creation of the Nautilus Psychology brand strategy.

Nautilus Psychology was able to reach clients online with brand recognition and brand recall to ultimately achieve brand resonance with their client base.

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