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Right now, buyers are searching for a solution on Google, is your business showing up?

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Gain a Competitive Advantage in the Digital World.

Google Ads are among the most effective ways to generate leads and sales. Google Ads is what we do, with over a decade in the game and over 600 satisfied clients, HHP are certified Google Partners and your Google Ads Experts.


Get Ahead of Competitors

HHP analysts research and understand exactly what your target audience is searching for, and strategically structure your Google Ad Campaigns to effectively reach buyers before your competitors.

Grow Your Market Share and Make Your PPC Budget Go Further

You’re paying for every click, HHP lowers your Cost Per Acquisition and lowers your Cost Per Click, giving you a further market reach for the same ad spend/budget*.

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Fine-Tune Targeting for More Conversions & ROI

Strategic and optimised Google Ad campaigns to get your business in front of prequalified leads searching exactly for what you’re offering. Each click comes with a cost, the more optimised your ad targeting is, the higher your conversion rate will be. Generating more sales and leads and getting you the most return on your investment.



With Google being the most used search engine on the internet, it is no surprise there are a multitude of advertising channels within the expansive Googleverse. 

Display Advertising

A combination of graphical banners and texts to grab users attention.

Google Shopping Ads

Your products advertised in a shopping layout giving users the option to buy on the spot.

Youtube Ads

If you didn’t already know, Google owns Youtube, which means your Ads can be adapted and reach your target audience on Youtube.


Re-engage prospects and customers who have already engaged with your business for improved ROI.

Work with HHP on your next multichannel digital marketing campaign

HHP develops, implements and manages a tailor made marketing strategy for your business. We identify and combine the best mix of marketing channels to reach your target audience for the greatest results at the best ROI.