Managed EDM Campaigns

Email marketing is a powerful tool to grow your business and maintain your client relationships

Maintain Client Relationships, Promote Your Latest Offerings or Implement a Direct Marketing Sales Funnel.

HHP implements and manages effective email marketing campaigns, leveraging your existing customer database to keep your leads and customers up to date. ​

Client Relationship Management

EDM keeps your customer database informed and up to date with a regular automated line of communication offering customer support, promotions, upgrades and your latest products.

EDM turns Leads into Customers and Customers into Regulars

EDM give your leads every opportunity to become a customer and your customers every opportunity to repeat business. 

Email inbox message list online interface

Sales Funnels Led by EDM

HHP offers turnkey sales funnels that are fully developed and managed by our expert team.

EDM campaigns containing direct marketing copywriting, CRO and strategy led design optimised for sales and lead generation.

Work with HHP on your next multichannel digital marketing campaign

HHP develops, implements and manages a tailor made marketing strategy for your business. We identify and combine the best mix of marketing channels to reach your target audience for the greatest results at the best ROI.