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E-comm Theme Design Case Study – Bee2



Niche Product


Web Design / Development

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Bee2 is a proudly Australian Honey Brand supplying it’s customers around the world with pure Manuka honey of the highest quality.

Up until HHP and Bee2 joined forces, Bee2 had a basic website but did not have an online store and was primarily focused on wholesale, supplying distributors around the world through traditional methods.

Bee2 decided to explore selling direct to consumer through a refreshed website, digital marketing and improving their online presence.

HHP put forward a solution and was commissioned to redesign Bee2’s website and develop a user centric online store optimised for digital marketing.

We’ll walk you through the design process and strategy in this case study…


Project Objective

UX design & CRO

Website Goal

Optimised for Customer Conversion

After deep diving the Bee2 brand and the Bee2 customer, HHP had some insight to develop a clear strategy for the UX design and CRO.

Many Bee2 customers are purchasing Bee2 products as gifts to send overseas as a memento of Australia, which is why HHP opted to reinforce the Australian aspect of the brand through image selection.

As Manuka honey is very niche, the vast majority of users coming to the Bee2 website already know the product’s benefits and what they are looking for, hence the strategy for this UX design was focussed more around the product and CRO rather than educating the user.

HHP’s goal was to design a user centric online store optimised for conversions. HHP opted for a landing page style layout focussing on the product itself while driving home the “Australian’ness” of Manuka honey and the Bee2 brand.

The Process

Design Inspiration

Instagram & Product packaging

Design Concept

Australian, Premium, earthy, natural rustic-lux vibe

Bee2 granted HHP full creative freedom of the entire design process. HHP designed the developed the User Interface, User Experience, selected all images, fonts, colours and the overall look and feel of the website.

Inspiration for the look and feel of the website was drawn from Bee2’s instagram which had a premium, earthy, natural rustic-lux vibe.

The style and theme was inspired by the packaging of Bee2’s most premium product, Manuka Honey MGO 1100+. Clean monotone aesthetic with a strong blocked style font.

As mentioned in the strategy section – Proudly Australian & Product Focussed was the goal. As users arrive on the home page, they encounter a banner slider, alternating between Australia and Bee2’s products.

At HHP our designs are led by both strategy and user delight. Conversion Rate Optimisation with calls to action in all the right places.

The layout of the website is centred around giving the user the product information they want, when they want it and a seamless checkout experience. Anticipate what your customer wants before they know what they want.


HHP delivered a custom built e-commerce website and online store, optimised for sales and digital marketing. 

Bee2’s website was built on shopify and integrated with Google Analytics, this allowed HHP to gather data on Bee2’s web traffic as well as launch a full digital marketing campaign on Bee2’s behalf- This included Google Search Ads, Google Shopping Ads and PPC Social Media Ads. 

4 wks
4 weeks of web design and development time
Visitors on the first month of launch
Traffic increase on the second month
Returning customer rate

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