Conversion Rate Optimisation

Get more out of your website and ads. Increase Sales, Leads and the ROI from your ad spend.

What is CRO?

Optimising your ads, landing pages and website to convert involves a few things.

Firstly the User’s Experience, design layout, information flow and calls to action in the right positions. Make things easy – A user needs to get what they are looking for, in the right format at the right time and their experience needs to be seamless.

Secondly the content, the user needs to have no doubts and feel they are making the right choice by becoming you customer. One of many basic formulas is this 6 step flow of information.

Step 1 – Demonstrate to the user that they are in the right place and you are exactly what they are looking for.

Step 2 – Explain why you are the right choice over competitors.

Step 3 – A logical argument, validating your positive attributes, Points of Parity and Points of Difference.

Step 4 – Walk the user through the buying process and remove scepticism, a user needs to know what they’re signing up for.

Step 5 – Social Proof, reviews of happy customers and proof of other users who made the right choice by becoming a customer.

Step 6 – Call to Action, where the user can easily make a purchase or become a lead.

Thirdly is refining CRO, through analytics, A/B testing and monitoring your Conversion Rate.

Over time, minor tweaks and adjustments are made to refine the CRO of your ads, landing pages and websites to yield the most profitable results possible.

HHP collects and analyses data on your website visitors to laser focus targeting and fine tune CRO for maximum results and ROI.

The data we collect on your website visitors includes visitor geographic location, gender, age, date/time of engagement, device used as well as the total number of website visitors, visitors attributed to ads, total number of conversions, new versus returning users, and the visitors personal interests.

This invaluable information assists in compiling more effective strategies, improved targeting and greater ROI.

Through strategy, research and planning, HHP custom develops your marketing content optimised for conversions. We A/B test variations of the same content and continually make micro adjustments to get the most effective end result. Ultimately, as a result of A/B testing, your finely tuned digital marketing collateral will yield more conversions with the greatest ROI possible.

HHP analysts and marketers develop powerful CRO strategies that get results.

It is your ads job to spark interest from your target audience, qualify them and entice them to click.Effective Ad CRO generates more interest, more engagement and more qualified leads. CRO makes your PPC budget go further, as you’re paying for each click, it is imperative that those clicks are part of your target audience and are qualified. Get in touch today to work with HHP and get the most out of your digital marketing.

The objective of your ad campaigns is to convert the target audience into an engaged user. It is the job of your landing page to convert those who engaged with your ad into a customer or lead. HHP researches and understands your customers online journey and buying process to create seamless User Experiences (UX) adapting to your users device, with Calls To Action in the right places.

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