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Moby’s Seafood is business, selling fresh seafood sourced daily from Sydney Seafood Market from their three Campbelltown locations.

Moby’s Seafood had the goal of expanding across Sydney, and wanted to achieve this by offering a delivery service. The first step was developing a website to process orders and create a seamless buying experience for their customers.

HHP Design developed a digital strategy where Moby’s Seafood was able to expand their market reach through delivery, improve & streamline their existing customers buying experience and automate deliveries.

In this case study we’ll walk you through how HHP Design developed the Moby’s Seafood website and digital strategy to grow their business.

Strategy & Process

HHP Design and Moby’s Seafood did a deep dive of the market, competitors and the Moby’s Seafood customer.

A large portion of Moby’s Seafood customers are retired and not overly tech savvy therefore the website User Experience (UX) needed to be seamless and straightforward.

The look and feel of the website was designed by HHP Design and based on the exisiting Moby’s Seafood logo.

A clean aesthetic with pops of blue to highlight freshness and an ocean feel.

Icon’s, button’s and images were made large and simple, to be visible and easy to navigate.

Custom features included the option to request your fish fillet to have skin on, or skin off.

A user friendly calendar was also integrated for customers to select delivery date.


HHP delivered a custom built e-commerce website and online store, optimised for sales and digital marketing. 

The delivery and sales process was fully automated with sales and procurement lists being sent directly to Moby’s Seafood admin team inbox.

Shipping labels and delivery routes were also automated for delivery drivers.

In the first month of the website being launched these were the results.

Over $56,000 sales
Over 400 online orders
Customers registered
192 products in 14 categories

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