Brand’s Emotions

Tallerly is laidback, it doesn’t take itself too seriously but is still mature and stoic.

There is no need to show off and be flashy, rather subtle good taste is apparent.

Tallerly portrays the wearer is humble but successful; sure of himself and doesn’t need to prove anything.

Tallerly is what it is, no frills or flamboyant gimmicks a quality product and “go-to shoe” for the wearer to feel more confident and be treated as he should.

Overall Tallerly is always calm and collected.

Brand’s Voice

The brand is talking to the CEO, the self made man that remains warm and kind to his staff. 

The uni student who knows where he wants to be, the aspiring CEO.

The groomsman wanting to look his best for the occasion, and be feeling like he should.

Tallerly speaks with elegance, using an educated vocabulary but is never pompous.

Tallerly is even keeled, cool, calm and collected- a gentleman.

Occasional wit but never foolish. Example “Tallerly, no shortcuts.”

Tallerly’s tone is kind and welcoming, like a host of a party-happy to have you, friendly but still assertive. (You’re having a meal, Tallerly is more the restaurant owner rather than the waiter.)


The primary logo is “Tallerly” in white (#ffffff), in Heletica font in a weight of 600. The background is a box in the primary Tallerly burgundy colour (#80001B).

Proportions TBC. 

The secondary logo is the Tallerly T.  This is to be used on the shoe itself as well as the exterior of the packaging. 

The secondary logo is also applicable on business cards, headers and footers of Tallerly offical documents and email signatures. 


As the brand focuses on the product itself and tries to remain understated for the purpose of our customers not being able to be “called out” for wearing an elevator shoe. The “T” logo only, is to be used on the exterior lid of the packaging as well as insole  of the shoe. 

The packaging: The “T” will be readable when the box is placed horizontally and seen from a birdseye view.

The insole: The “T” will be placed on the insole readable when the toe of the shoe is pointing away from the reader, as if they were about to put the shoe on. 


Do not resole the logo in two different colours

 Do not use the wordmark alone

Do not stretch or squeeze it

Do not resole the logo in two different colours

Do not use the wordmark alone

Do not stretch or squeeze it

Do not use gradients or shadows

Do not change the logo colour or tone outside of the CUP O FLORA green

Do not create your own version

Brand Colour

Tallerly’s primary brand colour is burgundy (#80001B). All logos are to use this primary colour. Text affiliated with this logo is always in white (ffffff).

Website text and copywriting text in product descriptions etc is always in black #292929. Backgrounds are always white. (ffffff)


Calls-To-Actions are in the Tallerly burgundy (#80001B) (maybe secondary burgundy) with white(ffffff) text. 


R: 128   G: 0   B: 27
C: 0%   M: 100%   Y: 79%   K: 50%


R: 41   G: 41   B: 41
C: 0%   M: 0%   Y: 0%   K: 84%


R: 255   G: 255   B: 255
C: 0%   M: 0%   Y: 0%   K: 0%

Brand Font

Helvetica Font

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

Helvetica 400 will be used for copy content.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

Helvetica 700 will be used for website headings .

Product photo

Photography style, the primary angles will be the four angles featured here. 

The border spacing below the show will be 15%, the border spacing above the shoe will be a minimum of 40% 

Product background

Product will always be on a white (ffffff) background with shadows. The first product image will have an arrow (in primary/secondary burgundy) with the height increase of the respective shoe. 

Under no circumstances are the products to feture, off-white, light grey, or any other shade other than white (ffffff)


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