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Renovation Blue is a Sydney based home renovation company specialising in custom construction and extensions.

They had the goal of creating a professional updated website to showcase their portfolio and reach customers online.

Renovation Blue had a website that had not been updated since 2013, they commissioned a web developer to redesign the website and 1 week before the scheduled website launch, the web developer abandoned the project and stopped returning phone calls.

HHP Design was tasked with taking on the project where the previous developer had left off and maintain the scheduled launch date of 1 week. This case study outlines just how HHP Design accomplished just that.

Strategy & Process

The client gave HHP Design full creative freedom and wanted to keep correspondence to a minimum.

Though there was no website, the previous developer had created a video going through the layout and design.

HHP Design used this video as a reference and built a new website from scratch, replicating the previous design as closely as possible and kept back and forth correspondence with the client to a minimum.


HHP Design delivered a website that exceeded the clients expectations and kept within the initial launch deadline, all accomplished within 1 week.

1 week
To deliver the project
Number of revisions
Pages constructed​
Images uploaded

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