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Agile process

12WBT (12 Week Body Transformation) by Michelle Bridges is a comprehensive health and fitness program designed to guide members through a transformative journey of weight loss, fitness, and mindset changes. With over 35 years of experience, Michelle Bridges has developed a program that has helped hundreds of thousands of Australians achieve their health and fitness goals. The challenge presented to us was to redesign and deploy the 12WBT website within a very short time frame of just 2 days over a weekend.


The primary goal was to launch a revamped website that aligns with the 12WBT’s brand and ethos, facilitating users to explore various fitness and nutrition programs, access meal plans, and join the thriving 12WBT community. This had to be achieved with a design provided by the client, within a critical deadline.

Strategy & Process

Our Solution

Understanding the tight deadline, our team committed fully to the project, adopting an agile approach to accommodate rapid development and multiple revisions. Our strategy was centred on efficient project management and continuous communication with the client to ensure their vision was brought to life without compromising on quality or functionality.


The project kicked off with an in-depth review of the client-provided designs, followed by a structured development process. Our agile methodology allowed for flexibility, enabling us to make four substantial revisions based on ongoing feedback from the client over the weekend. This approach ensured that the final website not only met but exceeded client expectations.


The project culminated in the successful launch of the 12WBT website, meticulously tailored to the client’s specifications and delivered within the challenging timeframe. The client’s testimonial reflected their satisfaction and the remarkable effort put forth by our team: “I can’t thank you enough! As the group name says it’s a Miracle!”

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